12 Most Common Questions Answered About Working Out Abs

How do I warm up before my ab workout?

Warming up is a key fact prior to any sort of exercise and ab workout has no exemption. The reason to warm up is to avoid injuries during the exercises.

You do not need to do separate warm-up sessions for abdominal workouts if you are going to perform your ab schedule at the middle of a general workout session as the muscles are already warmed up.

But if you are going to do the ab exercises at the beginning of a schedule, you should make sure to do the warm-up session.

At least 5 minutes of warming up is required and remember that does not mean stretching.  Just walk some distance and do some jogging in order to start the blood flow sufficiently.

Arm circles, hips circles, squats and shoulder rotations are other possible activities that you may perform in order to warm up.

What about stretching? Should I do them before, during or after my workout?

 In fact, stretching hinders your workout rather than helping. As per the researches, static stretches are best to perform after a workout session in order to cool down your body. Simple, stretching is recommended as a post-exercise activity. It is not a good practice to do stretching during your exercise.

How can I get the most out of my abs workouts?

I can give you a simple answer with three options; Form, Intensity & Variation.

The key fact to consider when performing exercises is to maintain the perfect form or the posture.  Learn the moments perfectly if you are a beginner as it critically influences your muscle formation.

Intensity is the second fact. More the intense, better the results. As far as you keep your muscles responding continuously, your results are optimal. You can increase the intensity by not taking more than 5 second breaks in between.

In this case your ab muscles work harder throughout the session. Make sure to complete enough repetitions to make enough intensity that can challenge your fitness.

Variation!  Crunches alone will not make you to have great abs.

Remember to make all the areas of your core get involved in the workout. Pick about 15 exercises and apply 5 of them to each section of the core. Shuffle them around and that will assure that you do not do the same exercise during every workout.

How do I know if my abs workout routine is actually working?

Following day you should feel some aching in the muscles you worked out. Do not get it wrong, you will never get flat or six pack ab right after this. Losing the fat that covers your core muscle is important.

Make sure that you get your entire core involved during the exercise. Working on a single area will not give you the look you expect.

Never avoid your obliques and lower back.  A comprehensive training for your core is compulsory in achieving expected results

How much or how long should I train my abs?

Proper form or the posture is important. Quality is superior to quantity when it comes to exercise.

If your abs are covered with a lot of fat, you might have to spend some extra time in cardio training. You also should revise your diet plan if you really want to see a perfect ab. Before anything else, pay attention on losing the fat.

However, if you are a person with little fat, you might right away concern about improving strength. Start with 5 minutes and schedule your workout for 20 minutes or so.

How many abs exercises should I do per workout?

If you are involved with proper exercise schedule, the best results can be seen from all the areas of your core. Make a routing with 3-5 different exercises per workout and let it be 15 different moves in total for better results.

You may start with 3-5 sets on each exercise and 10-30 repetitions for each set. However, it depends of the difficulty of the exercise and your fitness

How many times per week should I exercise my abs?

Every muscle in your body requires a period to rest after a proper and intensive workout schedule. Better to do it 3 times per week and 1-2 rest days in between. Even your non ab exercises will give your abs some sort of exercises.

Is doing a targeted ab workout even necessary?

In fact, it depends on the type of other workout types you are involved in. However, my suggestion is to do specific abdominal moves targeting your core area. Remember that exercises alone will not be enough and therefore you should adhere to a well observed dietary plan.

When is the best time to work out my abs?

I would say the best time is doing it after your general workout. However, you may perform your ab exercises on a day when you are just doing some cardio workouts.

After a treadmill session or a cycling session, ab workouts are effective. Finish your session with stretching work in order to cool the body down.

How many calories are burned with core workouts?

In fact, it depends on the exercise type you are involved with. Many beginners think that they can lose their belly fat by doing extreme ab workouts. Unfortunately that is not how it should be.

Conventional abdominal exercises such as planks or floor crunches are not effective in burning calories or fat.

You should involve in 20-30 minutes of high intensity cardio exercises to burn calories. Weight training for large muscles groups also helps you in burning extra calories.

Never forget to modify your diet in order to lose fat. Better results can be expected if you use a fat burner supplement.

Do I need to change up my workout routine or can I do the same abs exercises for a long time?

Obviously you should change it. As I mentioned earlier, you must have about 15 different exercises done in shuffled mode for optimal results.

As an example, if you use something like ab coaster, ab glider or abs bench, it requires 2 more abs exercises to perform after using your machine. And, more importantly you should switch the exercises each week.

How soon will I see the results actually showing on my abs?

The answer depends on your body type, eating habits, the amount of intensity and regularity of your training plus your lifestyle too.

However, if I am to come out with numbers, men should maintain 7-8% of body fat and women should maintain something around 14-18%.

Is the Ab Carver Pro an Effective Ab Machine or is it just another Ab Wheel?

Is your intention to get the best ab machine for an affordable rate? You might have seen various cheap ab wheels from various places. The Perfect Fitness Ab Caver Pro is priced about four times of the cheap ab wheel. Is it worth to spend on it?

Herewith we are going to see the positive and negative points concerning its efficiency on your core.  When you see the fancy fitness equipment on the TV, people on the those commercials say they really “feel it” while doing the exercises.

Remember, “feeling it” is not a decisive fact to buy an ab wheel. Continue reading for detailed information about everything.

How Ab Carver Differs from Other Ab Wheels

Here’s an interesting fact for your reference. Ab Carver is created by a navy SEAL in order to provide sufficient training for the abdominal core of the soldiers. You can refer to this video from for some valuable information. Carefully listen to his reasons for designing it and other information.

The Exclusive Kinetic Assist Engine Benefit

As per the video, there is a strong spring inside the machine to power the Kinetic Assist Engine. This in fact, it helps you to maintain the perfect posture in motion and ultimately it will make sure that your core is more effectively worked out.

On the other hand, regular ab wheels are just wheels with handles. They tend to shake and fail in providing a smooth operation. Grip is also difficult and possibly break within very short period of use.

The Unique Wheel Design Advantage

I would say that the ultra-wide, sturdy wheel is the best feature of the Ab Carver Pro.  What exactly happens with the wide wheel?

This wider wheel has the ability of providing the necessary stability to focus your exercises on the perfect areas. In contrary, regular ab wheels are not wider enough to provide the necessary stability.

If you do not maintain the balance during your ab workouts, it is totally USELESS. You can only maximize your efficiency by maintaining the balance and focus on the perfect areas of the core.

The Ab Carver’s wheel is not only perfectly wide, but also it is made of high quality materials to last long. Usually regular ab wheels are made of cheap materials like plastic and therefore you will not be able to rely on the products life span.

Advanced Handle Design Improves Your Workout

Ab Carver Pro’s grips are rubberized and curved to provide perfect stability. The non-slip characteristic of the handle will be a great assist for your workouts.

Which Abs Exercises are Best?

There are number of ab exercises you might find through internet. For a beginner it might be confusing to pick the best workout for you.

You just can’t do them ALL!

You will be having the advantage of referring to the digital assistance provided by Ab Carver Pro experts. Say good bye to confusion and refer the video provided. It can provide you, efficient, quick and optimal results while saving your time.

Usage Tips to Get the Best Results

Starting gradually is the best way to get into this. You should warm-up for about 5-10 minutes with light moments. Walking on and moving your arms will warm up your body. Never skip this step as it helps you in preventing injuries and strains.

Slow roll in and roll out movements are recommended for first 2-3 months. Be sure to focus on the moment. If you try to do it too fast, it may cause you some strains.

You will gain some strength and you will be able to control your movements in a better manner. This is where you can start to increase the repetitions.  Be sure to focus on the quality of the work out rather than concerning about the quantity for better results.

You should make sure your core muscles are tight enough and working out with the Ab Carver will provide you slow yet, controlled and focused exercises.

Will it Work For Anyone?

In simple terms, the answer is yes. If you have already thought that you will not be able to achieve 6 packs ab ever, Ab Carver pro should be able to prove you are wrong.  It’s simple but not easy!

Best Exercise Equipment for Ab Workouts at Home

You might observe that the list of ab machines and other fitness related equipment keeps growing and growing every year. Concerning the modern lifestyles, people actually have to adapt to a pretty smaller budget and space.

Because of the vast marketing campaigns carried out by fitness equipment companies, you will find it more difficult in selecting the best option for you. Hope we would be able to assist you, to pick the best out of the rest.

Be sure to read the article I posted about the “5 Ab Machines that Don’t Work” to be sure what to pick and what to avoid with confidence.

I have made sure to create 5 general categories of ab equipment for your reference. Then I have pointed out the main reasons to consider when purchasing and using the perfect equipment type for you.

At least one recommendation is also provided in each category for your reference. Some of the products are detailed a little more so that you can be aware of that particular product.

5 Best Ab Equipment Categories

  1.     Pull Up Bars
  2.     Ab Wheels
  3.     Specialized Ab Machines
  4.     Adjustable Sit-Up Benches
  5.     Stability Balls


Why Pull Up Bars are Awesome for Working Abs

If you want your workouts to reach your lower abs you should go for hanging leg raises and that is the most effective way recommended by experts. You would get a chin up bar and mounted off a wall or a domestic doorway and use it with very less cost.

All the midsection muscles and lats in your back will be affected with this type of exercise. This particular workout would also make sure that your grip is strengthened. Although as per the picture it looks easy for you to implement this exercise, this is really a hard exercise if you perform it correctly. The most important thing is to maintain the proper from and the execution.

Make sure you do it avoiding swinging. Raise your knees using the momentum. It should be slow and more controlled moment. If this is the first time you are going to perform this action, believe me this is tough as ever can be.

This is a much more effective and better exercise than floor crunches and sit ups. Frankly, let me suggest you that conventional crunches are the most ineffective method to shape and develop your abs.

However, if you are not interested in going for a chin up bar, you may rather go for a Power Tower station. With Power Tower station, you may perform some of the other exercises such as dips as well.

The most important thing about the Power Tower station is that it helps you in maintaining the correct posture while doing the exercises due to the way it is manufactured.

In the ab machine category, I would explain some other ways to simulate leg raise.

Choose an Ab Wheel to Work Your Core

This is a “MUST READ” for you before getting ended up with some cheap ineffective Ab wheel.

Although there are various brands with fancy looks, not each and every device is good or effective.

In fact, a properly designed high standard ab wheel has the ability of doing much more than strengthening your abdominal muscles. Your upper and lower abs will be affected while you are on your knees and roll the ab wheel out.

Your back, shoulders, arms, chest and legs get involved in this exercise. Because of the continuous resistance your posture generates, you do not have to go for large number of repetitions for optimal results.

Apart from that, it helps your muscles to maintain their flexibility and relieve from stiffness.

Referring the above facts, you would see that there are number of benefits you can gain using an ab wheel. However, purchasing a cheap ab wheel with poor quality might not let you to enjoy the benefits mentioned above.

In addition to that it will be harmful for your physical health as they are mostly made of cheap material like plastics. They also fail to perform smooth operation due to the poor make.

But, on the other hand, if you are planning to go for a product like Ab Carver Pro, you will be benefited as explained. You will be able to get the perfect idea about Ab Carver Pro by reading the review I have provided herewith.

Using a Specialized Ab Machine

As per the featured articles in the homepage you will be able to see that there are recommended machines. These machines are specially designed and manufactured for better performance on abs. Ab Coaster is the best out of the best and you may refer to the review in order to get the idea about the product clearly.

This machine has the ability to provide the benefits you gain from hanging leg raises in a methodical way. Hence, it is much appealing for a specific group of people.

Further, this Ab Coaster makes sure that the working out is an enjoyable and effective one. Some people might say that it is an expensive piece of equipment and it also requires some considerable space. However, when it comes to exercises, requirement for space is not a fact to worry.

Although there are lots of ways to do perfectly effective workouts you should be able to pick the most suitable workout for you. It is a natural fact that you would mostly do what you prefer to do.

 Adjustable Sit Up Benches

Adjustable sit up benches are good for you if you are not worried about allocating some extra space for your exercises and also not have any back issues. These benches are also known as decline benches.

If I am to mention the prices, I would say that it will cost from $45 to over $200. The prices have a large range due to the adjustment options and the quality of the material and make.

By now you should know that simple sit-ups and floor crunches are the most ineffective exercises. However, doing the same exercises while you are in a declined position makes them much more effective.

That is because you play against the force of the gravity and hence an additional resistance is applied to your conventional workout. The bench also can be utilized to do reverse crunches and incline leg raises.

Although usage of decline bench is easier than hanging leg raises, it is effective. You should know that it will effect on your core in a different way comparing to the hanging leg raises. It is a great way in mixing up the ab workouts while doing both the leg raise types.

Stability Ball to Work the Abs in Unique Ways

If you are a person who is concerned more about the budget and the available space, Stability Ball can be your solution.

Although it is fairly cheap, number of effective ab exercises can be performed well with the stability ball.  Ball Jackknives, Ball Table Top, Ball Reverse Crunch, Ball Ab Rollout are few of them to mention.

You can use the stability ball as a replacement for the bench in performing some of the exercises. However, if you can somehow afford both the bench and ball, you have a great chance in utilizing them both thereby achieving great results from your workouts.

When you purchase a stability ball, make sure that you go for a heavy duty ball which has a high anti-burst rating to avoid waste. Be aware of the size too that it should match your height.

Herewith given is a guideline for your reference.

Size 45cm Ball       ( 5′ tall or shorter)

Size 55 cm Ball      (5′ to 5′ 6” tall)

Size 65 cm Ball      (5’6” to 6′ tall)

Size 75 cm Ball      ( 6′ to 6′ 5” tall)

Size 85cm Ball       (6′ 5” or taller)


After referring all the facts, by now you should have a much better idea of picking the best workout equipment for you. Some of the in-depth details are not discussed here in this section as my intention was to provide a basic guidance which most of the people look for.

You may also try an ab belt with EMS technology if you have some critical back issues. It will be an assist in strengthening your core.

If you are a person who is thoroughly concerned about physical fitness and not much worried about the budget and the space available, you may refer to reviews on Abs Bench and the Total Gym.

On the other hand, if you are running a more tightened budget and space, you may enjoy the benefits of the above categorized equipment and stay healthy.

Few tips for selecting the right abs machine

 Herewith presented some writings to help you in picking the best exercise machine for ab exercises and stay away from unnecessary junk machines.

The Truth About Ab Machines

You should not assume that expensive machines are always the best. It is a common mistake people make. Just because it is expensive it will not give you faster and efficient results. Be aware that there are situations where even junk can be expensive.

I am daring enough to tell you that most of the fitness equipments including ab machines are utterly worthless. However, there is an important fact to be considered when you select an exercise machine for you.

That is selecting the machine that best fits for you. Although you select the world’s best exercise equipment, you really need to put your efforts in working out genuinely if you expect results.

Therefore the most important thing is to pick the best machine fits and find what works for you.

This is exactly the perfect website you were looking for if you are a not a fan of exercises or working on abs. You may find here some great ways to make workouts a fun filled activity. You will find easy, less aching, less boring ways in achieving faster results.

In fact, selecting the best workout equipment that fits is the key for the difference. You do not have to kill yourself once you are in perfect rhythm. A perfectly suitable machine can bring you optimal results amazingly.

Referring to all the possible options will make you more aware of the products. Ultimately that will lead you to pick the best out of the rest. Then you will be spending your money in a wiser manner.

First, consider all of your personal preferences and be frank with you. Imagine how you are going to use the products you buy.

If you workout correctly with best equipment, your expectations in having beautiful and firm set of muscles will be a reality. But, if you do not lose enough amount of fat, your target of having perfectly shaped muscles will not be achieved.

By referring all the available articles, you will not only learn about the ab training equipment, but also will learn about some effective and interesting ways to burn your belly fat.

Simply, you should pay your attention on exercises and workouts and more importantly on losing fat to have a great, balance looking body.

The Truth About Showing a 6-Pack

If you are dreaming about a really fat abs or a visible six pack, you should understand another important fact. You should give prominence to lose the fat that covers your abdominal muscles, but that will not necessarily happen just because you used an ab machine.

To lose your unnecessary belly fat, there are some steps to be taken including modifying your diet and increase your calorie burning. However, you should remember that you can’t achieve all these things overnight.

Depending on the behavior of the genes, it is your body that decides where to store excessive fat and how to lose it.

5 Ab Machines That Don’t Work – Avoid the Junk

Almost all of us wonder if using an ab machine is beneficial as they advertise. There are a large range of machines out there to select, making your choice a harder one concerning their shapes and unusual styles.

We are going to discuss if those fancy equipments are really effective as they say. At the end we would be able to get a clear idea about how they really function and which of these gadgets are not useful. It will be at least an assist for you to refine your search fields.

Although you will find an enormous amount of boasting reviews trying to standout as the best ab machine, most of these machines are completely FAKE ones. Very interestingly there are hundreds of thousands of positive reviews to encourage users to buy them. But, how many review sites allow you to see the actual waste you face? It is a small number for sure.

Do not get cheated. Most of these machines are useless in providing you a sufficient workout. Also, these machines are cheaply made and hence they are useless in that point too. By reading the following list of “stay-away” products, you will be able to decide whether you are going to waste your money and time hereafter.

Ab Roller

The purpose of using the Ab Roller, as they say, to help you in maintaining a proper posture while doing your crunches. Their commercials further confirm that Ab Roller helps you to avoid neck strains. In fact, this is simple, pretty large and ineffective equipment.

What you should think is simple: conventional crunches are known to be the most ineffective exercises for the abs. In such scenario, if crunches are further supported by equipment like this, what can you guess about the effectiveness?

To not be cheated. Just do your regular floor crunches or go for a real ab machine.

 Ab Wheel

Ab wheel is another useless junk although the idea is perfect. It is very affordable, portable and small piece of equipment. The price is set to an amount around $8 to $10, which is cheap. Yet this wheel cannot provide you a sufficient stability due to its narrow finish.

It is a great disadvantage as the usage of Ab wheel can lead to severe strains to your back. Instead you may go to Ab Carver, which is a much better option compared to Ab wheel. It offers you safety and better work out. Our reviews on Ab Carver would make it much clear for you after reading it.

Ab Circle

The TV commercial promoting Ab Circle tells viewers that it can lead you to lose 10lbs within very short period of time. It is a very attractive yet unethical LIE which completely misleads customers. In fact, the company was already charged and fined for this misleading advertising. But still you might see that there are a lot out there promoting it.

Despite of the ineffectiveness, this particular product has already received a large number of complaints about its poor quality. Even after a minimal use, the parts tend to crack easily. There are some safety issues pertaining to this machine. Usage of this machine ultimately leads you to waste money and time doing ineffective workouts.

Ab Lounger

When you use the Ab Lounger, the equipment will do the most important part of the exercise, the stabilization, for you. What you will do with this machine is move your body here and there without any effective exercise.

Some might say that they “feel the burn” while using this machine. Yes it is true if you do something sufficient enough rounds, you however will feel the burn. You do not actually need equipment for this, just floor crunches would do for you.

Ab Doer Twist

The main complain about the Ab Doer is that its arm bar is not stable enough to stay in place even it is strongly tightened. The poor made of this so called exercise machine is a large drawback to its unfortunate customers.

Why should you go for a useless and poorly made machine when you already perform sit-ups and crunches on your own?

Ab Rocket

Ab rocket can be called as the worst of the 5 machines we mentioned. As per the user comments, sore neck, sore back and feeling agitated are the health issues accompanied with this piece of junk. The attached foam rolls are really an annoying and give you a painful experience in you back when you do your sit ups.

The cover of the chair seems to be very strange with its curvy shape. It surely makes you uncomfortable on the chair and bore you.

So Which Ab Machines Are Worthwhile?

You should be wise enough not to believe what is displayed in TV commercials. Do not rely on the review sites which solely tell you how marvelous these machines are. In fact, in real world there are pros and cons attached with everything you see. Therefore try to refer something reliable.

In real world, nothing is 100% perfect. There is no exception for machines in this case. Make sure that you go for something “believable” other than following a review site where paid fans comment in favor of the company.