Is the Ab Carver Pro an Effective Ab Machine or is it just another Ab Wheel?

Is your intention to get the best ab machine for an affordable rate? You might have seen various cheap ab wheels from various places. The Perfect Fitness Ab Caver Pro is priced about four times of the cheap ab wheel. Is it worth to spend on it?

Herewith we are going to see the positive and negative points concerning its efficiency on your core.  When you see the fancy fitness equipment on the TV, people on the those commercials say they really “feel it” while doing the exercises.

Remember, “feeling it” is not a decisive fact to buy an ab wheel. Continue reading for detailed information about everything.

How Ab Carver Differs from Other Ab Wheels

Here’s an interesting fact for your reference. Ab Carver is created by a navy SEAL in order to provide sufficient training for the abdominal core of the soldiers. You can refer to this video from for some valuable information. Carefully listen to his reasons for designing it and other information.

The Exclusive Kinetic Assist Engine Benefit

As per the video, there is a strong spring inside the machine to power the Kinetic Assist Engine. This in fact, it helps you to maintain the perfect posture in motion and ultimately it will make sure that your core is more effectively worked out.

On the other hand, regular ab wheels are just wheels with handles. They tend to shake and fail in providing a smooth operation. Grip is also difficult and possibly break within very short period of use.

The Unique Wheel Design Advantage

I would say that the ultra-wide, sturdy wheel is the best feature of the Ab Carver Pro.  What exactly happens with the wide wheel?

This wider wheel has the ability of providing the necessary stability to focus your exercises on the perfect areas. In contrary, regular ab wheels are not wider enough to provide the necessary stability.

If you do not maintain the balance during your ab workouts, it is totally USELESS. You can only maximize your efficiency by maintaining the balance and focus on the perfect areas of the core.

The Ab Carver’s wheel is not only perfectly wide, but also it is made of high quality materials to last long. Usually regular ab wheels are made of cheap materials like plastic and therefore you will not be able to rely on the products life span.

Advanced Handle Design Improves Your Workout

Ab Carver Pro’s grips are rubberized and curved to provide perfect stability. The non-slip characteristic of the handle will be a great assist for your workouts.

Which Abs Exercises are Best?

There are number of ab exercises you might find through internet. For a beginner it might be confusing to pick the best workout for you.

You just can’t do them ALL!

You will be having the advantage of referring to the digital assistance provided by Ab Carver Pro experts. Say good bye to confusion and refer the video provided. It can provide you, efficient, quick and optimal results while saving your time.

Usage Tips to Get the Best Results

Starting gradually is the best way to get into this. You should warm-up for about 5-10 minutes with light moments. Walking on and moving your arms will warm up your body. Never skip this step as it helps you in preventing injuries and strains.

Slow roll in and roll out movements are recommended for first 2-3 months. Be sure to focus on the moment. If you try to do it too fast, it may cause you some strains.

You will gain some strength and you will be able to control your movements in a better manner. This is where you can start to increase the repetitions.  Be sure to focus on the quality of the work out rather than concerning about the quantity for better results.

You should make sure your core muscles are tight enough and working out with the Ab Carver will provide you slow yet, controlled and focused exercises.

Will it Work For Anyone?

In simple terms, the answer is yes. If you have already thought that you will not be able to achieve 6 packs ab ever, Ab Carver pro should be able to prove you are wrong.  It’s simple but not easy!

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