5 Ab Machines That Don’t Work – Avoid the Junk

Almost all of us wonder if using an ab machine is beneficial as they advertise. There are a large range of machines out there to select, making your choice a harder one concerning their shapes and unusual styles.

We are going to discuss if those fancy equipments are really effective as they say. At the end we would be able to get a clear idea about how they really function and which of these gadgets are not useful. It will be at least an assist for you to refine your search fields.

Although you will find an enormous amount of boasting reviews trying to standout as the best ab machine, most of these machines are completely FAKE ones. Very interestingly there are hundreds of thousands of positive reviews to encourage users to buy them. But, how many review sites allow you to see the actual waste you face? It is a small number for sure.

Do not get cheated. Most of these machines are useless in providing you a sufficient workout. Also, these machines are cheaply made and hence they are useless in that point too. By reading the following list of “stay-away” products, you will be able to decide whether you are going to waste your money and time hereafter.

Ab Roller

The purpose of using the Ab Roller, as they say, to help you in maintaining a proper posture while doing your crunches. Their commercials further confirm that Ab Roller helps you to avoid neck strains. In fact, this is simple, pretty large and ineffective equipment.

What you should think is simple: conventional crunches are known to be the most ineffective exercises for the abs. In such scenario, if crunches are further supported by equipment like this, what can you guess about the effectiveness?

To not be cheated. Just do your regular floor crunches or go for a real ab machine.

 Ab Wheel

Ab wheel is another useless junk although the idea is perfect. It is very affordable, portable and small piece of equipment. The price is set to an amount around $8 to $10, which is cheap. Yet this wheel cannot provide you a sufficient stability due to its narrow finish.

It is a great disadvantage as the usage of Ab wheel can lead to severe strains to your back. Instead you may go to Ab Carver, which is a much better option compared to Ab wheel. It offers you safety and better work out. Our reviews on Ab Carver would make it much clear for you after reading it.

Ab Circle

The TV commercial promoting Ab Circle tells viewers that it can lead you to lose 10lbs within very short period of time. It is a very attractive yet unethical LIE which completely misleads customers. In fact, the company was already charged and fined for this misleading advertising. But still you might see that there are a lot out there promoting it.

Despite of the ineffectiveness, this particular product has already received a large number of complaints about its poor quality. Even after a minimal use, the parts tend to crack easily. There are some safety issues pertaining to this machine. Usage of this machine ultimately leads you to waste money and time doing ineffective workouts.

Ab Lounger

When you use the Ab Lounger, the equipment will do the most important part of the exercise, the stabilization, for you. What you will do with this machine is move your body here and there without any effective exercise.

Some might say that they “feel the burn” while using this machine. Yes it is true if you do something sufficient enough rounds, you however will feel the burn. You do not actually need equipment for this, just floor crunches would do for you.

Ab Doer Twist

The main complain about the Ab Doer is that its arm bar is not stable enough to stay in place even it is strongly tightened. The poor made of this so called exercise machine is a large drawback to its unfortunate customers.

Why should you go for a useless and poorly made machine when you already perform sit-ups and crunches on your own?

Ab Rocket

Ab rocket can be called as the worst of the 5 machines we mentioned. As per the user comments, sore neck, sore back and feeling agitated are the health issues accompanied with this piece of junk. The attached foam rolls are really an annoying and give you a painful experience in you back when you do your sit ups.

The cover of the chair seems to be very strange with its curvy shape. It surely makes you uncomfortable on the chair and bore you.

So Which Ab Machines Are Worthwhile?

You should be wise enough not to believe what is displayed in TV commercials. Do not rely on the review sites which solely tell you how marvelous these machines are. In fact, in real world there are pros and cons attached with everything you see. Therefore try to refer something reliable.

In real world, nothing is 100% perfect. There is no exception for machines in this case. Make sure that you go for something “believable” other than following a review site where paid fans comment in favor of the company.

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