12 Most Common Questions Answered About Working Out Abs

How do I warm up before my ab workout?

Warming up is a key fact prior to any sort of exercise and ab workout has no exemption. The reason to warm up is to avoid injuries during the exercises.

You do not need to do separate warm-up sessions for abdominal workouts if you are going to perform your ab schedule at the middle of a general workout session as the muscles are already warmed up.

But if you are going to do the ab exercises at the beginning of a schedule, you should make sure to do the warm-up session.

At least 5 minutes of warming up is required and remember that does not mean stretching.  Just walk some distance and do some jogging in order to start the blood flow sufficiently.

Arm circles, hips circles, squats and shoulder rotations are other possible activities that you may perform in order to warm up.

What about stretching? Should I do them before, during or after my workout?

 In fact, stretching hinders your workout rather than helping. As per the researches, static stretches are best to perform after a workout session in order to cool down your body. Simple, stretching is recommended as a post-exercise activity. It is not a good practice to do stretching during your exercise.

How can I get the most out of my abs workouts?

I can give you a simple answer with three options; Form, Intensity & Variation.

The key fact to consider when performing exercises is to maintain the perfect form or the posture.  Learn the moments perfectly if you are a beginner as it critically influences your muscle formation.

Intensity is the second fact. More the intense, better the results. As far as you keep your muscles responding continuously, your results are optimal. You can increase the intensity by not taking more than 5 second breaks in between.

In this case your ab muscles work harder throughout the session. Make sure to complete enough repetitions to make enough intensity that can challenge your fitness.

Variation!  Crunches alone will not make you to have great abs.

Remember to make all the areas of your core get involved in the workout. Pick about 15 exercises and apply 5 of them to each section of the core. Shuffle them around and that will assure that you do not do the same exercise during every workout.

How do I know if my abs workout routine is actually working?

Following day you should feel some aching in the muscles you worked out. Do not get it wrong, you will never get flat or six pack ab right after this. Losing the fat that covers your core muscle is important.

Make sure that you get your entire core involved during the exercise. Working on a single area will not give you the look you expect.

Never avoid your obliques and lower back.  A comprehensive training for your core is compulsory in achieving expected results

How much or how long should I train my abs?

Proper form or the posture is important. Quality is superior to quantity when it comes to exercise.

If your abs are covered with a lot of fat, you might have to spend some extra time in cardio training. You also should revise your diet plan if you really want to see a perfect ab. Before anything else, pay attention on losing the fat.

However, if you are a person with little fat, you might right away concern about improving strength. Start with 5 minutes and schedule your workout for 20 minutes or so.

How many abs exercises should I do per workout?

If you are involved with proper exercise schedule, the best results can be seen from all the areas of your core. Make a routing with 3-5 different exercises per workout and let it be 15 different moves in total for better results.

You may start with 3-5 sets on each exercise and 10-30 repetitions for each set. However, it depends of the difficulty of the exercise and your fitness

How many times per week should I exercise my abs?

Every muscle in your body requires a period to rest after a proper and intensive workout schedule. Better to do it 3 times per week and 1-2 rest days in between. Even your non ab exercises will give your abs some sort of exercises.

Is doing a targeted ab workout even necessary?

In fact, it depends on the type of other workout types you are involved in. However, my suggestion is to do specific abdominal moves targeting your core area. Remember that exercises alone will not be enough and therefore you should adhere to a well observed dietary plan.

When is the best time to work out my abs?

I would say the best time is doing it after your general workout. However, you may perform your ab exercises on a day when you are just doing some cardio workouts.

After a treadmill session or a cycling session, ab workouts are effective. Finish your session with stretching work in order to cool the body down.

How many calories are burned with core workouts?

In fact, it depends on the exercise type you are involved with. Many beginners think that they can lose their belly fat by doing extreme ab workouts. Unfortunately that is not how it should be.

Conventional abdominal exercises such as planks or floor crunches are not effective in burning calories or fat.

You should involve in 20-30 minutes of high intensity cardio exercises to burn calories. Weight training for large muscles groups also helps you in burning extra calories.

Never forget to modify your diet in order to lose fat. Better results can be expected if you use a fat burner supplement.

Do I need to change up my workout routine or can I do the same abs exercises for a long time?

Obviously you should change it. As I mentioned earlier, you must have about 15 different exercises done in shuffled mode for optimal results.

As an example, if you use something like ab coaster, ab glider or abs bench, it requires 2 more abs exercises to perform after using your machine. And, more importantly you should switch the exercises each week.

How soon will I see the results actually showing on my abs?

The answer depends on your body type, eating habits, the amount of intensity and regularity of your training plus your lifestyle too.

However, if I am to come out with numbers, men should maintain 7-8% of body fat and women should maintain something around 14-18%.

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